Millennium update

7 days Crash course in ART

16/01/2022 to 23/01/2022

7 days crash course in Endoscopy

23/01/2022 to 30/01/2022

What Is Special About Us ?

  1. Teaching is done through lectures & video presentations.
  2. Constant besides training in OPD’s while seeing patients.
  3. Live hands on training in lab procedure.
  4. Hands on training in laparoscopy procedures.
  5. Constant live case discussion.
  6. Opportunity to access our papers & publications.
  7. In-house staying & dinner facilities.
  8. Books, journals & library facilities available.
  9. At the end of the training, the fellows are motivated and almost ready to start their own IVF endoscopy setups.
  10. Entry into IVF Lab & watching all Procedures with Hands On Ovum Pickups.
  11. Extensive Training covering ART, Endoscopy, USG & Embryology.
Dr. Purnima Nadkarni

Nadkarni Academy will always miss you

A great teacher, mother, doctor, and a great human being


To offer comprehensive training to Post Doctoral students in all aspects of ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology), Endoscopy & USG with Hands On experience, Live Workshops, Lectures, Case discussions and 24X7 infotainment so as to motivate them to start their own Infertility & Endoscopy Practice.

Our vision

  • To set up a training program that can train up to 150 students per year including international students.
  • To develop a more structured program & affiliate with a reputed university.
  • To regularly publish our data in reputed journals & present papers at national & international conferences.
  • To hold major international conferences, Workshops and Updates on regular basis.
  • To be leaders in Infertility & Endoscopy Medical training & contribute to continuing medical education (CME) in India and Abroad.

Students Testimonials

Nadkarni's Medical Training Academy

Nadkarni Medical Training Academy is the training center for IVF, Gynec Endoscopy, USG, Embryology, Cancer. Doctor from all over the world regularly visit this institute to master the course.
Nadkarni's Medical Training Academy
Nadkarni's Medical Training Academy
Nadkarni's Medical Training Academy4 days ago
A glimpse of how the Laparoscopy workshop is at Nadkarni Medical Training Academy.
Our trainer Dr. Akshay Nadkarni explained the Laparoscopy technique to the delegates.
Akshay Nadkarni Dr Akshay Nadkarni
Nadkarni's Medical Training Academy
Nadkarni's Medical Training Academy
Nadkarni's Medical Training Academy4 days ago
Part 2 of the Millennium Update Jan 2022
Dr. Akshay Nadkarni is a man who believes in Hand-On and his sessions are worth witnessing. Akshay Nadkarni
The beginning of the Laparoscopy Hands-on Workshop begins today on 23rd Jan 2022.
We welcome all the delegates to this workshop and wish them lots of learning and fun.
Nadkarni's Medical Training Academy
Nadkarni's Medical Training Academy5 days ago
Hello, delegates your long-awaited dream to have the perfect laparoscopic hands-on is finally becoming a reality.
Nadkarni's Medical Training academy welcomes you to millennium update 2022. A one of its kind crash course with 17 delegates both national and international, 7 days over 70+ surgeries helping you to master the art of laparoscopic surgeries and do cases independently under the trusted and watchful eyes of the mentor Dr. Akshay Nadkarni who believes in giving as many cases as possible and working hard and literally holding your hand of all 17 of you to help build your confidence. In between the whirlwind schedule we have also lined up loads of entertainment and stress busters like trekking, dj night and lots of masti . See you tomorrow students.
Dr. Zehaan M Iraani BDS , Pgdhhm , PGDCR , Facial Cosmetologist
Kishore Nadkarni
Aditi Nadkarnini
Vaibhav Nadkarnirni
Akshay Nadkarnikarni
Nadkarni's Medical Training Academy
Nadkarni's Medical Training Academy1 week ago
Live session by Dr. Vaibhav Nadkarni
Nadkarni's Medical Training Academy