Terms and Conditions of Nadkarni Medical Training Academy

  1. The registration will be valid only after the Total amount is paid.

  2. Admission cancellation policy

A)Cancellation 3 months prior to commencement of the course 25 % will be deducted.

B)Cancellation within 1-3 months prior to commencement of the course 50% will be deducted

C)Less than 1 month of commencement or post-commencement – No refund will be provided.

Any dispute or difference arising would be settled under the Law of Vapi Jurisdiction.

  1. All fees payable should be completed before the commencement of the course. NMTA has the rights to cancel admission without notice if once defaults.

  1. All the trainees shall compulsorily wear clear aprons [carried by self-] to all times other than IVF Lab/OT where scrubs will be provided by NMTA.  NMTA ID.cards are compulsory.

  1. Trainee shall maintain their notes/log book as specified by the course Director’s from time to time (not applicable for crash course).

  1. Room allotment will be decided by the acadamy management.

  1. The management might shift the candidate to a different room based on the allotment as per the management rule.

  1. Electric appliance like Oven, induction stove, and water immersion heater rod is not allowed.

  1. Cloth washing and Ironing Rs.15 per piece.

  1. Habitual late coming, willful absenteeism, or bad behavior to consultant, and administrative staff of NMTA will result in the termination of the trainee from the course with immediate effect, and fees of the same shall not be refunded.

  1. No trainee can absent himself/herself without valid reason or prior permission from the course Director, failing which the trainee shall lose their turn for hands-on cases, and missed lectures, will not be repeated.

  1. Academy does not encourage leave DURING the tenure of course. Hence, not more than 5 days of leave would be approved during the course. Academy has all rights to with hold or cancel the fellow ship certificate of the candidate defaulting. Not applicable for crash course.
  1. Discipline/professional Behavior has to be maintained at all times by the trainees. Fights/ Disputes/ Rude behavior towards staff, and patient trainers may lead to immediate expulsion or suspension from the course. The Course Director's Decision will stand Final. As per the NMTA Training Protocol.

  1. M.O Duties will be given in shifts to all the trainees at the hospitals associated with NMTA. These duties will be compulsory and binding to all irrespective of seniority/ Degree of the trainee, No Remuneration of any kind will be provided the same as it is the part of the training curriculum. When on duty phone should not be on silent, should be reachable and traceable.

  1. Mobile Phones should be kept on silent mode while attending lectures or when in OPDs. Clicking Photographs of presentation during lectures is strictly prohibited. Suitable action as deemed fit by the Course Director will be taken if found indulging in these practices.

  1. The personal belongings of the trainee are their own responsibility whether at the hostel or at any of the training facilities. NMTA will not be responsible at any point of time for any loss or theft.

  1. The cases to be given for Hands-on training will be subject to the availability of cases posted on the given day. A pre-determined timetable/roster will be made based on the batches allotted and the cases posted. However, in unprecedented circumstances of a case being canceled the course Director will have the right for awarding/rescheduling the cases.

  1. Various categories of the hostel rooms their description & charts are made available on the NMTA website www.nadkarniacademy.com, the rooms can be based on your preference and subject to availability the time. NMTA will not be responsible for stay other than the above-mentioned rooms. Rooms included in the Course Fee is on NON A/c Sharing basis. Rooms are limited & would be allocated first come basis.

  1. Damage/theft to loss of keys or any assets in the hostel or at any of the training facility will have to be reimbursed immediately as per actual. Failing reimbursement of the amount the course director reserves the right of non-issuance of completion certificate.

  1. At no point shall the hospital staff be used for personal work such as cooking, washing clothes, grocery shopping, etc.

  1. Internal Transportation will be available in groups/batches to the training facility at the designated time and back to the hostel at the end of the day. Interim transport will not be the responsibility and transport will strictly not be provided.

  1. The Academy holds the rights to change / Modify / Cancel the dates due to Covid Restrictions.

  2. Re-adjustments of slots are only available if there are slots available, and if communicated on time & via email. Nadkarni's Medical Training Academy's Director's discretion will be final.
  3. NMTA reserves the right to change the course or make changes to the fee