Registration Procedure

1. Fill the online form or send us your inquiry at [email protected]

2. You will get the intimation by SMS/Email/Phone Call.

3. You may be added in the waiting list where will have to wait for your turn.

4. Once you are selected you get a confirmation call.

5. You will be added in the upcoming batch or the next batch in advance.

6. You will have to pay the course fees as directed by the training coordinator.

7. You will get a final confirmation after your payment is received.

8. Do not fill online form for multiple time. You can email the coordinator for any query.

ICOG 6 month Registration Details

Total seat availabe per batch: 3 seats

Batch 1: 1 Jaunuary

Batch 2: 1 July

CV is required.

Please follow the below given steps for CV:

1. Personal Details

2. Academic details (degree, year, college)

3. Interest(subject)

4. Workshop and conference atteneted

5. Research Experience

6. Publication & Presentation

7. Awards and prizes.

Nadkarni Training Academy Registration