What Is Special About Us ?

  1. Teaching is done through lectures & video presentations (to topics most are covered)
  2. Constant beside training in OPD’s while seeing patients.
  3. “ Live hand’s on ” training in lab procedure.
  4. “Hands on ” training in laparoscopy procedures.
  5. Constant page discussion
  6. opportunity to manage our target database & prepare paper's & publications.
  7. inhouse staying & dinner facilities.
  8. Books, journals & library facilities available.
  9. At the end of the training, the fellows are motivated and almost ready to start their own IVF | endoscopy setups.


To offer trainer maid, Fellowships & certificate courses in infertility & laparoscopy 2 other allied subjects & those contribute to OME (contributing medical education) & thus disseminate knowledge.

Our vision :

  1. To set up a training program that can train up to 150 students per year including the international student.
  2. To set up a more structured program & affiliate with a reputed university for 106 diplomas.
  3. To regularly publish our data in reputed journals & present papers at national & international conferences.
  4. To hold major international conferences in mission to be leaders in medical trainer & continuing medical education in India

Why is training in infertility & endoscopy necessary?

Hundreds of OBGYN post graduates are graduating every year in India from government 2 Private medical colleges. They are not exposed to IVF|USG & endoscopy training. They have not had any formal lectures, never seen these procedures or had any “hand’s on” experiences.

IVF| endoscopy & USG training is needed in day to OBGYN practice. The demand for such training is so great at our centers that we have a waiting list of over 6 months four our fellowships in spite of accommodating nearly 75 to 80 students four years.

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