Dr. Rekha Rajendrakumar, Bangalore


|| Guru Brahma Guru Vishnu Guru Devo Maheshwaraha Guru Sakshath Parabrahma Thasmai Shri Gurave Namaha ||

Bowing to these two great teachers, that is, Sir and Madam, I would like to express few thoughts regarding my six months experience here.

I, Dr. Rekha Rajendrakumar, was repeatedly pestering Heenaben for two years,” when is my turn to join?”. One day, I got a message from madam, “come and meet me”. So did I. When I met her, she told me one thing, “if you join this 6 months’ course, in between, you should not say that I want to go back to my practice, I am not getting sleep without my husband, bacchon ko dekhna hein etc., because you are all adjusted to one kind of life style. I agreed because by then, I had made up my mind that I should learn ART and by then, I had searched many places and got mentally settled with madam. She wrote on the application form ‘join in January 2016’. I went home, came back and joined in January 2016. Thus started my journey here. Madam, I sincerely hope that I have not disappointed you and hope that I have fulfilled your expectations.

In my practice, I could not go beyond IUI. I was stuck. In conferences and lectures, I was always wondering and gazing with open mouth about these protocols – what is short, what is flare and what is antag protocol etc.,? It was a big mystery for me. Thank you madam, for clearing all my doubts.

Madam calls us bacchon, beta, I have to take class for my children etc. Who other than you can give us that motherly love when we are away from our mothers?

I have seen many many infertility specialists, but i have not seen such a closely knit family full of Infertility specialists. One aids another, helping each other at each step, be it profession, academics or family front. They are all in different hospitals at different times of the day, always on their toes. One car comes here, one car goes there, one car goes to bring children etc., But at the end of the day, they are all one chatting across the dining table having dinner.

Another unique thing I have noticed is, if I am thinking of 2016, maximum 2017, sir and madam will be dreaming of 2060. Otherwise how can you have chain of hospitals, all standing tall and fulfilling promises?, also few more in a row to arrive. It is the combination of clever super thinking and business mind planning. They are all never tired, though very busy. They are ever enthusiastic and ever energetic. If you play some foot tapping music now, I am sure, madam will get up and dance. I sincerely appreciate that energy.

Other IVF specialists think that they are super humans and they do not interact with us. But here, all are down to earth. They talk to us so well especially Dr. Aditi is like next door girl. Madam’s advice to patients, “daudo, daudo, hamaare me na, daudnewaale hee jaldi bacche pakadthe he” made my awareness sharper towards exercise, my cardia and BMI.

Madam, you and only you, have the capacity to transform like us “gadhe log” into “goda”s. We also understand that you forget all that anger within minutes and we would become your betas. Madam, please bless us with all your kind heart and charming smile to – first of all, to pass the exam, then practise, get patients, get some halo around our head and energy like your family; all to , ultimately put a big smile on patients’ face and a newborn in their arms.

My special thanks to sir, for those wonderful lectures and practical tips in life. Mamu, we honestly appreciate your wonderful, smooth and tailor made anaesthesia. We will ever remember old hindi song tunes rejuvenated by your whistling. It was a feast to our ears. Thank you Dr. Akshay, Dr. Aditi, Dr. Jigna, Dr. Kanika and all staff of Nadkarni Hospital for caring so much and giving your valuable time for us. I never felt away from home and that arduous journey was made smoother.

My feeling of gratitude also extends towards the chauffeurs for carrying us from hospital to hospital, some days even at 11pm without even a wince on their faces. I am thankful to Mansu Bhai - I frankly enjoyed those roller coaster rides.

Last but not the least I thank all the patients for permitting me to examine them. Dr. Aditi, if we aren’t troubling you too much, please permit us to keep in touch with you. Thank you one and all for giving opportunity to speak from my heart and for that patient hearing. Good luck, God bless you all.

Sarve Janaa Sukhino Bhavanthu.

Fari Madishu.

Dr. Nilesh Unmesh Balkawade, Pune


Success is not final, Failure is not fatal, it is the courage to continue that counts….

Believe me I have got the courage.....

• To fight all odds… • To settle in a locality with meagre population & low resources-Reference--Pardi (1983) • To start to sow a seed, water it, nurture it till it grows to a huge tree which will not only bear sweet fruits but also will give shadow & support to the needy. (Reference--Pardi-Vapi-Surat-Valsad 1983 onwards till date) • To learn, relearn, apply, teach the new ones, give whatever you have… • For us, what you have given....

देणा-याने देत जावे, घेणा-याने घेत जावे घेता घेता एक दिवस देणा-याचे हात ध्यावे -विंदा करंदीकर

“You have not kept things with you. You’re given more than we can take”.

It’s a journey of a month but an experience for lifetime.

I’m saying this because we have not only learnt & imbibed the aspects of ART, Ultrasound & Endoscopy, but also…

• The run for fitness • The quest for perfection • The emotions for those frustrated one • The attitude to succeed • & above all for the infertile couples, the families and treating doctors – one thing “Winning is not everything; it is the only thing”

What else can I say, I have such a fatherly friend in Dr. Kishore, the woman of substance of the 21st Century Dr. Purnima, friends Dr. Akshay, Dr. Aditi, Dr. Pooja & Dr. Prabhakar & great human beings Priyangi, Mamta & Ruchi.

I salute the enthusiasm, dynamism, perfection & eloquency in both of you “SIR & MADAM”.

“मुश्किलों से भाग जाना आसान होता है हर पहलू जिंदगी का ईंतेहा होता है डरनेवाले को कुछ मिलता नहीं जिंदगी में लडनवाले के कदमो के नीचे जहाँ होता है

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